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Download DataSheets and Drawings of 1EMP Single-phase Motors

ErP Directive 2005/32/EC and the COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No. 640/2009 does not apply for single-phase motors.

However EMP single-phase motors made in the European Union and are in compliance with IE1 efficiency class. This meets the expectations of the IEC standard for the single-phase technology. IEC 60034-30-1 : 2014 Paragraph 4, Table 1 refers.

Please Note!
Single-phase motors are not direct equivalents of three-phase motors.
Single-phase motors must run near the rated output point at all times.
Repeated cycles of no-load runs will damage the motors’ winding.
Repeated cycles of start & run will damage the motors’ capacitors.

Motors wound for 50Hz cannot be used for 60Hz without modification/rewinding. Motors wound for 60Hz have different winding, capacitors and centrifugal switch (where applicable).

Please note that 6pole motors are not listed on this page or in the Price List but they can be supplied upon request at a lead time. Please contact Welkon for further details.

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