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V/f Model of VSD driven Induction Motor - 87Hz Motor Technique explained.
Inverter Base Frequency set to 87Hz (50Hz mains)/104Hz (60Hz mains).
The motor connected to "Delta". The "Star" voltage must correspond with the Mains Voltage.
Enter Mains Voltage and Frequency in the fileds below the graph.
Use the crosshair to navigate to the Mains Frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) to see that the voltage
at the Mains Frequency corresponds with the "Delta" voltage value of your motor.

FREQUENCY = 0 Hz —>         
Enter Mains Voltage and Frequency:
The 87Hz motor control has been commonly used in Europe with 50Hz mains.
However, the same method also works on 60Hz rated motors with 60Hz mains.
The operating point with the 60Hz frequency becomes 104Hz (instead of 87Hz).

Mains Voltage
Mains Frequency

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